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The 23-year-old offshore worker said he had an hour to kill and during that time other drivers honked to show their appreciation as he stood next to his car. Mr Welford said Cleveland Police visited him hours later and he may have to go to court for harassment.

He did however claim that he was not confronted at the scene despite a police car driving past.

It is also an important center for commerce, finance, art and entertainment.

But everyone else was beeping their horns and seemed to support me.” Police Inspector Harry Simpson said those who support the behaviour “don’t consider speeding a serious offence”.

A spokesperson from Cleveland Police said: “Those who do not agree with speed enforcement will no doubt speed themselves.

The capital of the United Kingdom comes as no surprise as the second on the list of most visited cities in the world.

With the largest urban zone in the European Union, London is a major gateway to Europe.

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