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What was the most interesting or memorable date you've ever been on? What kind of person would it be the most fun to go on a date with? What do people do differently on a date than at other times?

Do young people in your country "go Dutch" (each person pays separately) or does the boy pay? Do young people in your country go on "blind dates"? Discussion Questions A lot of tough decisions go into dating who to date, where to go, what to talk about, and more. What are the best activities for a date, besides the obvious "dinner and a movie"? Do you think people can know they are in love with someone after the first date? Should dating be taken very seriously or can it be "just for fun"?

Find out the romantic words you need to impress your partner during the date.

Can two people fall in love over the internet without meeting each other first? What are some of the good and bad things about online dating?

More traditional approaches, such as posting personal ads in a newspaper’s classified section, are still around as well.

Morally speaking, Western society seems to be becoming increasingly promiscuous.

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An interesting question concerns the issue of chivalry: the custom from in the Middle Ages of treating women with honor by opening doors for them (commonly expressed by the “ladies first” mentality). That may be true, but the question remains: who killed it — men or women?

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